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Having accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and recognizing that certain duties can be performed best in a fellowship, we covenant to walk together as members of  Vaughn Street Bible Church. We believe it to be the mission of  Vaughn Street Bible Church to Love and proclaim His Gospel to all mankind and to strive for the realization of the Kingdom of God. Our goal is to evangelize, and win the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be a lighthouse within our Community and to bring a Saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. 

Spreading God's Word and letting our light shine within our Community has always been our Mission and our Goal.

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep Christ first in all that we do and to serve him with every fiber of our being. We strive to edify one another and to live for Him by being focused on Calvary and what He did for us. 

Our Vision is to see Souls Saved and Christians uplifted and in one accord.

We Care & Share

Welcoming New Commers

It is our honor to have visitors who attend our Services. Our goal is to welcome each person that comes through our doors as equals. You don't have to dress to impress or act like something your not. 

We look forward to having your family visit with us to personally experience the love and warmth of what a Small loving Church can offer. Come feel the Sweet Spirit and fellowship that awaits you.

The Power Of Faith

We believe that through Faith, All things are possible. We believe that with God, nothing is impossible. We know that we can do All things through Christ through Faith.

Spiritual Growth

We strive to grow in the Lord by the Preaching and  Teaching His Word. We seek to grow in Him through our Sunday School Program and Bible Studies. We study to show ourselves approved.

Sharing The Gospel Passion

We strive to reach our community with the Gospel of Christ through our Church Wide Visitation Program. We encourage all our members to attend.

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