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Her you see the kids getting ready to have a water fight with Bro. Bryan and Mrs. Phyliss. They didn't worry about the Sun, they all had a great time

Here you see one of the kids doing his best water slide, I think he saw us standing there with the Camera.

Here you see another one of the Juniors giving it their best. I wish I had half the energy these kids have. They really had a great time, and this is after they had their Hot Dogs, Chips and Drinks for lunch.

Water fights in the pool were a big hit for the kids as they got to get wet and stay wet during a hot afternoon. You could clearly see who came to the Activity as they were all Sunburned on Sunday Morning in Church.

As you can see, having fun is for all ages. You can see here she's doing a little Rock Climbing before she gets back into the pool. I think the little ones wore Mrs. Phyliss out.

The girls held their own when it came to Water Sliding. They did pretty good as well. The Juniors had a blast at their Activity.

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