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vacation bible School 2022

Here you see Mrs. Phyllis beginning the VBS with her Music Class. She is teaching several songs to the kids that will be presented on Sunday Morning. She does a great job.

Here you have Mrs. Sanderfur giving her Bible lesson. She is teaching the kids about planting the seed of Salvation.

We had a young man accept Christ as his Savior on opening night. Praise God! That's what it's all about!

Here you see 

 Mark & Terry Barns who have served for many years on the Mission Field. They have been a blessing by coming to Teach and Share their experiences from their Service to the Lord.

Here you see Captain McNeal with the Hillsborough County Fire Dept. giving instruction to some of the kids at the VBS. We really enjoyed the Firemen taking the time to share their profession with us.

Here we have one of the Firemen giving instruction on their equipment. They have some high tech stuff that was really interesting with gauges and alarms that we never knew existed. It was very informative. Public relations officer Firemen Schmidt in the red shirt also gave an outstanding safety class.

After Bible Study, the kids get a chance to go out  and play around and get some exercise. Anyone who works with kids knows that you need to give them some time to let off some steam.

Here you see the kids getting something to eat. They  worked up an appetite playing, we give them Spiritual food but of course they need this as well.

Here we have Mrs. Georgie on the Left and Mrs. Audrey on the right. They're helping in the kitchen this year. They cooked up some awesome hot dogs on opening night for the kids and Staff.

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