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Our Prayer Page!
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For the Following request!

Please continue to Pray for all of these families in need with the following request:

Ms. Joette's Dad - Health

Mrs. Joette - Health

Stephani & Family - Special Prayer

Little Anthony - Health

The Pina Family - Special Prayer

The Rodriguez Family - Special Prayer

Ms. Mary & Bro. Bobby Wolf 

 Ms. Audrey Trotter - Health

 Bro. Mac & Mrs. Pat - Special Prayer.

Michael Davis - Special Unspoken and Health.

Mrs. Loretta and Family - Special Unspoken.

Bro. Andy's Co-Workers

 Frances Ward, Health.

Bro. James Bridges - Health

For Union Town Baptist Church in Ohio -  Special needs.

Our Church, for the power of God on our Services and for Souls to be Saved!

All the Ministries here at Vaughn Street Bible Church.

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