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My wife Audrey and I would like to personally invite you and your family to to come join us for one of our services here at Vaughn Street Bible Church. We ask that you take the time to read through our web page and find out what our Church is all about.Having been a Youth Pastor in the Gibsonton area for fifteen years, and now the Pastor of Vaughn Street Bible Church, now on  Fourteen  years, I look forward to ministering to Gibsonton and the surrounding communities for another twenty nine years. We would love to have you come visit us for one of our services.This is Bro. Alfie Henderson, he is one of our Elders. He also Teaches our Adult Sunday School Class on Sunday Mornings. Bro. Alfie fills the pulpit for Bro. Barry from time to time.  He is a real blessing.This is Bro. Frank Strunk. Bro. Frank is one of our Elders. He is also our Church Visitation Director.
This is Bro. James Bridges. He is one of our Elders. He is a real blessing to our Church. He and his family are so faithful, we appreciate everything they are doing here at our Church.This is Bryan Davis. Bro. Bryan is our youngest Elder. Bryan is also our Youth Director and has also taken on the role of Sunday School Superintendent. He does a great job.This is Bro. Adil Lhamri. Bro. Adil is one of our newest Elders. We welcome him to the Elder Board and look forward to having him serve.This is Bro. Ronnie Sanderfur. Bro. Ronnie is one of our Elders. He also helps out with Ushering.
This is Mrs. Audrey K. Davis. Mrs. Audrey is our Church Treasurer. She's very good at what she does and has a background in Administration. She has Twenty years experience in Management, Accounting & Payroll, but best of all, She loves the Lord and has a heart to serve.Mrs. Bobbie Sanderfur is our Church Secretary. Mrs. Bobbie has been a member  here at Vaughn Street Bible Church for over fifty  years. She also serves on our Auditing Committee.This is Ms. Linda Patrick. Ms. Linda is our Assistant Church Treasurer. She has been such a blessing to our Church. This is Mrs. Joette Marchbank, Mrs. Joette is our Teen Sunday School Teacher.
Here are James & Phyllis Bridges. They are teaching the Juniors Sunday School Class.This is Adil and Loretta Lhamri. They are our Jr. Church Directors. We welcome this young couple and look forward to what God has in store for them here at Vaughn Street Bible Church.This is Bro. Dave Moore. He is the Director of our Puppet Ministry. He is also the assistant Director for the Junior Church Program.This is Mrs. Bobbie Sanderfur. She has been playing the piano for over fifty years here at our Church. She has been so faithful over the years and we appreciate her faithfulness.
This is Bro. Adil Lhamri. Bro. Adil enjoys playing his instrument for our Services when he can.This is Mrs. Phyllis Bridges, she is one of our Sound Techs.  She does a great job. Here you see Bro. Dave, he is one of our Sound Techs also. Everyone is welcome at our  Church! We're waiting for you and your family to come visit us. Remember, " Our Church isn't a Museum for Saints, It's a Hospital for Sinners. "
Our Church is located in the heart of Gibsonton. If your looking for a Church home in the Gibsonton area, look no more. We would love to have you come visit us for one of our Services.Welcome to our Main Auditorium. We hope that you will come visit with us. If your looking for a Church that preaches without fear of favor, uses the King James Bible and still sings from the hymnal, then look no more. You found us.  We would love to have you come visit with us. If you like good old fashioned preaching, this is the place.All of us here at Vaughn Street Bible Church would love for you to come visit with us. If you love good preaching, singing and a warm Church Family, then you'll love our Church.
Our Congregation still has room for more so come visit.Our Church is located on Vaughn Street in Gibsonton just across from the Super Wal-Mart. Come see us.We're not a one service a week Church. We have our regular Sunday Morning, Sunday Night and Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting / Youth Night, so if you have to work Sunday mornings, come see us Sunday Night or Wednesday Night, we'll leave the light on for ya' !Our Jr. Church program is second to none. Our Sunday School is for all ages.
This is the activity field for our Youth. Bro. Bryan utilizes the Basketball Court and our Dirt Volley Ball Court for the Wednesday Night Youth Program.We thank the Lord for allowing us to upgrade our Dinning Hall with New Tables and Banquet Chairs. We have also added new ceiling fans not shown in these pics.We enjoy baptizing when we can. We baptized seven on this Sunday Morning. We encourage those who get saved to follow the Lord in believers babtism.Our Youth provide the Puppet Ministry for use in Nursing Homes and even in our Service from time to time.
This is our Junior Choir. Mrs. Loretta is doing a great job with them. The Junior Choir is a real blessing to hear.Bro. Alfie and Mrs. Sandy hosted our 2017 Valentine Banquet this year and the Teens did an Awesome job waiting tables for us. Here are some more folks having a good time at the Banquet.Here are some of the contestants playing the Newlywed game. This is always a blast to watch.
Here is a pic of some of our folks enjoying themselves at the Valentine Banquet.The theme this year was " An evening in Paris ".Our Easter Celebration started with our Sunrise Service. It's a special time to reflect on the Scriptures and the Tomb.After our Sunrise Service, we gathered in the Fellowship Hall for a wonderful breakfast.
Her are some of our young people enjoying the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Here are some more of the young people having fun at the Egg Hunt.While the kids enjoy their Easter Egg hunt, some of the adults choose to stay inside the Fellowship Hall and enjoy a Movie.This is Bro. Alfie Henderson our Music Director leading off with Song and Hymn for our Morning Service.
Our Morning Worship Service on Easter was wonderful. We had Special Music and a great turn out.We had our communion service during the 11:00 am Worship Hour.Here are some of our folks participating in the Horseshoe competition. As you can see they have to wait their turn.Here you see Bro. Frank Strunk and Mrs. Bobbie Sanderfur going at it.
Here you see some the ones that didn't want to compete at Horseshoes playing some games inside.These ladies had a blast playing games inside.Here we have some of our Ladies Singing a Special for all of the Fathers on Fathers Day. It was a real treat.Here you see one of my favorite services. our New Years Eve Service. We Sing and give Testimonies starting at 9 pm and go through midnight.
The kids are having fun playing Kick 
Ball during the Game Day. Everyone had a blast.The kids and adults played Kick Ball in this pic and you should have seen the old folks in action!Here you see the kids playing on their slip & slide. They all had a blast during their Game Day Activity.As you can see we are ready for our 2017 VBS! The theme this year is the " Son Quest Rain Forest "
Here are some of the kids in their Music class. Ciera Dottie led the Music Class for us this year. Great job Ciera. Here you see Bro. James and Mrs. Phyliss working with kids in their Crafts Class.The Crafts were enjoyed by all. The kids had a wonderful time. Mrs. Jeanie helped Mr. and Mrs. Bridges. Staff did a wonderful job preparing snacks for the kids. Mr. and Mrs. Pina, thank you so much.
As you can see, everyone enjoyed snacks. Not just the kids. The staff did as well.This is one of the Class Rooms used this year. Mrs. Bobbie decorated this room to look like your deep in the Rain Forest looking towards a waterfall.Here you see Bro. Bryan leading his class which is Games. The kids had a blast.Here you see T.J. helping Bro. Bryan with the Games. T.J was a big help.
Here you have Mrs. Angie with her class. She took them to Snacks when we got this pic. Thank you Mrs. Angie.This is one of the Bible Classes we had during VBS this year.Here is another group of kids enjoying their Bible Study.Here you see some of the kids in the Jump House. They had a blast. They wore themselves out.
After the Jump House, the kids took their turns getting a Snow Cone from the Snow Cone Machine. After having Pizza for lunch, here you see the kids waiting their turn to get their faces painted. Here are just a few of the kids with their faces painted. My Wife Audrey and I hope that you have found what you were looking for as you navigated through our Web Site. We hope that you will come visit with us.
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